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Sliding recipes are much more tasty as food than sliding images. :D

  • Uber Eats Officially Acquires Postmates in $2.65 Billion Deal

    First on the agenda: Convince the rest of the country to screw gig workers out of employee benefits… After coming to an agreement in July over an acquisition, Uber Eats has officially bought Postmates in a $2.65 billion all-stock deal. The deal consolidates two of the biggest players in the third-party delivery space. In a […]

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  • How New Vaccine News Gives Hope for Spring, if Enough People Get the Shots

    As coronavirus infections surged around the country in early November — and as the prospect of a long, dark winter loomed — it was not clear if any of the vaccines in development would pan out. Now, three months later, the picture is very different. Two highly effective Covid vaccines are rolling out around the […]

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      My mums zaatar chicken is unrivalled in its deliciousness because her recipe brings out the tanginess of the zaatar without scorching it. I’ve seen a lot of recipes that instruct you to just marinade the chicken in zaatar then bake it which means you end up with a very dark and sometimes bitter result. […]

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